About me - Indie Hard rock songwriter / musician

Hello and thank you for visiting my Website!

I'm a Canadian from Montreal. In my daily life, I work in the accounting field.  In my spare time, I do music composition and I write the lyrics of my songs. Music is a passion that goes back to my childhood. I am an ''amateur'' musician for a very long time now, but songwriter only for a few years. In fact, I've discovered music writing in the past fews years and decided to go further and share my songs.

More precisely, in my musical creations, I compose and play all the musical instruments (guitars, bass, keyboard, piano, midi drum, etc.), I do the mixing and the mastering too.  The only thing I do not do is to sing. In this regard, I work in colaborations with few singers to perform my songs and so I mixed the voices in my recordings. So there's a bit of collaboration in my music.

In 2017, I released my first album entitled "Never Again". Basically, inspiration comes from several sources (the war in Syria, the internationalization of terrorism, political corruption, etc.). In addition, the song '' rising '' is represented by the cover image of my album '' Never again ''.


In Jullet 2019, I released a cover of the song ''Let me roll it of Paul McCartney''  I worked with the singer Eric Castiglia.  I'm really proud of the result!


In August 2019, I released my second album called Unexpected Incident after 2 yreas of work.  The first singles were ''Them'' and ''Twisted''.


Soon, I will star working on my Third one.  Can't wait to get into it.


Thank you very much for listening my music and to visit my Website!